After her family’s move to New England, Abigail Whitter, a popular high school student, is compelled by an unseen, irresistible force to follow a centuries-old stone wall into the New England woods where she finds a mysterious note that brings her to a crossroads in her life…one foretold by a seaside fortuneteller. Abigail’s journal reveals the story she hasn’t yet confided to anyone–a tale of romance, lost love, past lives, and an incredible twist of fate that will thrill readers who delight in a great love story!
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“Great read for adults as well as teens”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Amanda H.

The Stone Wall Crossing was a great read. Myself and my preteen daughter both read and enjoyed it equally. There is something for everyone in this coming of age story entwined with history and romance. I have bought several copies to give as gifts for my friends as well as my daughters friends. I would recommend this book highly.

About the Author

My love of writing has led me to publish the second book. This time I was spurred on by my love of New England, with its rich history, and the artifacts of its past that surround me. Having worked in high schools, counseling students, for my entire professional career, I decided that I had to write the story as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl and began with an event that I knew would be one of the most traumatic for any teen: moving to a new home in a new state. The mysterious discovery Abby Whittier makes in the old stone wall was something I thought about as I walked my little dog past such a wall each and every day. We take these walls for granted, here in New England, but to me, they convey such stories and I hope after reading The Stone Wall Crossing, that people will see them for the amazing structures they are! (11/2017)

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