The distant future. A sun-blasted Earth, where the remnants of humanity live in uneasy peace with the dominant human/animal hybrids. Life is cheap, and death costs nothing. For Cloth, a warrior under the rule of the winged humanoids called Raptors, life has been a daily struggle to survive. Now she has discovered a mysterious weapon, threatening her people. Tasked by her ruler to find the source of the weapon and eliminate it, Cloth travels to the wastelands. Her companions are doubtful, her road endless, but Cloth has eyes only for the mission.

Struggling against land and living alike, Cloth will be tested to her breaking point, and even her inhuman strength may fail against this ancient threat.

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“Science Fantasy awesomeness!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jennifer Zamboni

I haven’t read any science fiction in a good long while, and after reading this one, I think I need to read some more!

Mr. Wismer’s future world is well thought out and mysterious. I’ve never read anything quite like it! Some big event changed our world into an alien landscape. The people and creatures have descended into a more primitive way of life, relying on physical strength, and swords.

The story follows a group on their journey to discover the origin of some old tech, that’s capable of destroying an entire village. They can trust no one, perhaps even each other.

The group encounters a machine that produces medicine, cannibalism, gladiatorial style fighting, a cult, and even love.

The narrative is written in a classical and visual style. I highly recommend adding this one to your collection! I hope to read a sequel soon!

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“You are what you do when it counts.” –John Steakley, Armor

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