The Surrogate by Dimitri Markov

Marina Bonnaserra has survived a lot in her short life, including a violent sexual assault as a teenager. Left with physical and emotional scars at times almost too much for her to bare, she chose administrative nursing as a profession to help her cope, but from a distance. Marina realizes that her life as a SINK lacks any deeper meaning, and that her relation with the one man in her life lacks depth. Prodded by a series of piercing comments, she considers having a child to fill the void in her life. Knowing that the only man in her life is non-committal, and against fatherhood, she explores in vitro fertilization. In the very impersonal corporate world of IVF, Marina is stimulated to produce eggs, rapidly assigned an anonymous sperm donor, and awaits implantation. She soon discovers that not all of her fertilized eggs can be accounted for, leading her to a quest against IVF corporate greed to locate her own “products of conception.” Both the IVF procedure and the IVF center may pose a risk to her pregnancy and to her health.. In the end, can her one passion protect her from her one obsession?
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