The Tale of Was and Das

by – Marin Darmonkow (Author)

(2GETHER picture book collection 3)

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Book Description:

The Tale of Was and Das tells the hilariously funny story of two friends: an orphan gypsy boy, Was, and his German shepherd, Das. The boy and the dog live at the dumpster halfway between Fartsville and Burptown — an area where, ironically, the people come for fresh air. The dumpster provides the boy and the dog with shelter, toys, and books. The pair fell in love with children’s books, especially picture books about dinosaurs. They decide to use materials from the dumpster to build Thesaurus, the biggest dinosaur in the world. Thesaurus becomes a tourist attraction and brings Fartsvillians and Burptownians together. This children’s book is the only one of the 2GETHER picture book collection that is not illustrated by Marin; Peter Stan, a prolific European illustrator created the entertaining artwork for this title.

Reviews for the Book

A wonderfully told and humorous story about a boy and his dog. Together, they clean up the towns of Fartsville and Burptown, and create something magical for the townspeople to enjoy. A highly impressive first published book collection of Marin's. He is all ears: "Tree leaves whisper stories all the time and he will share some of them with you." Peter Stan, the European artist that helped design this book has illustrated hundreds of children's books. I loved the images and colors so much, a story that is entertaining for both adults and children of all ages. This would make the perfect gift to any child that enjoys reading or being read to. A gift that keeps on giving over and over again.
- Faith

About the Author: Marin Darmonkow

Recipient of the Literary Titan Book Award

A long time ago Marin was a child. He was one year old when his father passed away. His mother remarried and Marin was raised by his loving (but strict!) grandparents. He learned to read and write long before he went to school. Books became his imaginary parents and his fictional friends.

Marin studied nuclear physics, art, and literature. He owned an advertising agency for many years.

Oh, a few more things: he does not drive, he does not drink carbonated beverages, he had never consumed food from fast-food restaurants, he does not have a mobile phone, he had never used legal or illegal drugs, and he had never visited his GP (much to the disapproval of his wife). He started his small publishing house FONTREAL (children’s picture books) in 2016. Marin lives with his family on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean – in St. John’s, NL, Canada.

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