In The Three Marriage Enigmas, Kevin Foster, MTh, reveals the hidden and insidious forces that sap marriages of love and intimacy. These forces operate behind the scenes without the knowledge of either spouse. Left unchecked, these marriage enigmas destroy what were once happy, healthy, and loving relationships.

Once you understand these destructive forces, you’ll understand why your spouse acts the way he or she does and how your own actions are perceived. You’ll learn to forgive one another and begin working to reclaim the beautiful love you once shared through a specific, step-by-step system that removes uncertainty and guesswork.

The road is not always easy. You must be willing to learn and do the work needed to restore your marriage. But the rewards—oh, the rewards—are priceless!
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“Great Marriage Book!”

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This book has opened my eyes into how I can make my marriage better. It let’s us see the aspects of both males and females that lead marriages down the road to divorce. It also gives you practical solutions to the problems. I am constantly rereading, applying, and sharing this new knowledge with friends and family. A must read for new couples, older couples, and those that are starting a family.

About the Author

While serving as a pastor for over ten years, Kevin Foster, MTh, counseled spouses and couples whose marriages were struggling or about to fail. In the beginning, all he had to offer was scripture passages and conventional advice: Hang in there. Love each other. Pray about it. Meet each other halfway. Try as he might, his solutions weren’t working. He felt like he was forever dealing with the symptoms but never getting at the real, underlying problem. Meanwhile, Kevin’s own marriage was falling apart. How could he claim to be able to help others where he couldn’t even help himself?

When Kevin and his marriage finally reached the breaking point, he embarked on a mission to understand why so many marriages fail. What was he and so many others missing? After much prayer, meditation, and study, Kevin recognized a number of patterns—enigmas—that afflict failing marriages. Most people are totally unaware of these patterns, so they have no way of even trying to address them. Once he realized what was really going on, Kevin had an epiphany of sorts that showed him how to overcome the enigmas and experience marital bliss. His findings, which he has tested in his own marriage and others, are the foundation of The Three Marriage Enigmas.

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