The third novel of the Kansas lawmen deals with the death of a female Pinkerton by train robbers. The pursuit by Sheriff Luke Atwell and Deputy Jesse Markam, is both a quest for justice and for retribution. While tracking down the divided outlaw gang, the lawmen also deal with attacks on a remote trading post, a hired killer, a thwarted stagecoach theft and a bank-robbing theater group. Meanwhile, Peter Briggs, the in-charge deputy of Planting, faces challenges of his own to keep the peace. Relationships are a part of the story as each of the main characters experiences change—both pleasurable and heartbreaking. In the final chase, one of the lawmen suffers a life-threatening injury and the race to save his life involves all the main characters.
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Great read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Delia Coughlin

This book is the third in the series about Sheriff Atwell. I’ve read all three and this one is certainly the best. I hope that the series continues.

About the Author

James P. (Jim) Hanley is a short story writer and novelist. He has written over 80 short stories which have appeared in literary, mystery, Western and romance magazines.  His first novel The Calling was published by 5 Prince Publishing in November 2014, and the sequel An Ill Wind in October, 2015. The Calling was a finalist  in the Peacemaker Award for the best first novel. The third and final in the series The Train Robbers was published  in September 2016.  All are available on bookseller websites such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and others.

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