Seven women grow up in an orphanage, and there are five days until their thirty-third birthdays. These women were chosen at birth to be a part of a truce with seven demons of royal blood, but all of their lives will change when the truce is broken. Innocent blood will be spilled, awakening an ancient being in seven days. And at the last hour of the seventh day, their worlds will collide, bringing forth an epic war between the heavens, the demon world, and mankind that could cause the end of all worlds.

These fourteen beings become a part of horrible events that draw them closer together as lies are told. The seven demons of royal blood learn the truth about their ruler and their true lives that were stolen from a demon in rage when they were young. Only their true fathers can help save mankind before the being awakens in one of these seven women.

It is a race against time as all of their family secrets unfold and the power of good, evil, love, and lust unravels in the lives of these seven women and seven demons of royal blood.

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Gwen Hudson is a Navy veteran who has traveled around the world during her career as a hospital corpsman. She lives in Columbus, Georgia, where she was born and raised. She enjoys reading and listening to all genres of music. Gwen writes YA sci-fi, fantasy, and romance novels.

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