sdsdIdentical twins, Stacey and Jannifer McHill, celebrated their thirteenth birthday amongst Family and friends at their parents lavish estate in Shreveport, Louisiana. The day started off magically, but it ended in unspeakable violence. That night the McHill family became victims of a vicious home invasion. After seven hours of mind-bending torture, Mr. and Mrs. McHill had succumbed to their wounds, the intruders then focused their attention on the twins. But somehow the twins survived.

Traumatized, Stacey and Jannifer McHill were admitted to the Louisiana State Psychiatric Center for intense therapy under the care of Doctor Susan Patterson who specialized in abnormal psychiatry. Doctor Patterson believed that the horror of that night was pushed deep down within the twins’ subconscious minds and without chronic treatment the madness of that savage home invasion might manifest itself in some unforeseen way.

After two years in Doctor Patterson’s care, the twins were adopted by their maternal aunt and were sent to live with her in Harlem, N.Y. Doctor Patterson believed that a city like Harlem, N.Y. with all of its hustle and bustle would be detrimental to the twins delicate psyche.

And so it began.

Three years to the day of that vicious home invasion– and on the twins sixteenth birthday–the body of a young man was found on a rooftop of a housing complex in Harlem. The first responders were shocked at the manner in which the body was displayed. The following day the body of a prominent lawyer was found inside a Harlem apartment, then the son of a famous actor body was discovered inside a seedy hotel. Thus began a series of murders that will shake the city of New York to its foundation. Homicide Detective Isis Willams is assigned to the case along with Detective Andrew Taylor who was battling his own personal demons.

Detective Isis Williams has engaged in a hunt, a hunt that will push her pass the threshold of depression. She on the hunt for two of the most dangerous, elusive, and youngest serial killers she has ever encountered. And it will take all of skills as a detective to catch…THE TWINS.

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