The Twins

by Mike Minicky (Author)

After their daughter's murder, the Claymore farm transforms into a mysterious realm of shadows and secrets when Sheriff Claire Davis entrusts them with twin granddaughters, setting off a suspenseful journey to uncover the chilling truth.

Book Description:​

Earl and Edith Claymore were content with life on the farm. Then one day, the new town Sheriff, Claire Davis, informed them that their daughter, Sarah, had been murdered. The Claymores are then given custody of Sarah’s twin daughters, Anna and Anabel. Soon after the twins arrive, dark things start to happen. Sheriff Davis has her suspicions, but will she uncover the truth in time? Join the Claymores and Sheriff Davis on a suspense-filled ride that will constantly have you on the edge of your seat.

About the Author

Mike Minicky (Author)

I was born in St. Louis, Mo, where I resided until I was 16. My family and I then moved to Maui, Hawaii where I resided until I was 42. I currently reside in Florida. I am an avid comic book and anime fan. I love all genre of books, although the the fantasy genre is my all time favorite.

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The Twins by Mike Minicky was an absolute blast with enough tension in each page to really make the whole setting and feel really immersive. The horror element was felt throughout and it combined into a really well told story. The Twins presence was really unnerving and you could almost feel the characters tense up when they were around, even if they weren't sure why. I loved the use of dialogue between them which was short and cold and bounced off each other well. I felt for the elderly grandparents being put in the situation and losing their daughter, but they did so much right for the twins that it was hard to see them suffer both the guilt and misunderstanding. I enjoyed the interactions with John and Clare and the use of John's traumatic past to drive a lot of the drama in the plot, particularly in the late stages. The ending was satisfying and left me cold. I would like to hear more about the dolls in particular, such as how they came about and what makes them the way they are. I hope this is possible in further books.