A common sense guide for new, first time managers, helping you understand the transition from being a doer at work to a leader of your team; written from first hand experiences offered by author, banker, and entrepreneur, Doug Thorpe. This is a collection of practical principles, ideas, tips, and life hacks to help new managers thrive.
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“The perfect primer for new managers and not a bad read …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Roger Ferguson

The perfect primer for new managers and not a bad read for us more experienced managers as well! So many of the resources in management training are focused on traits, not tools. Experts tell us to “be better listeners”, for example, without providing any concrete tools to assist us in the process. Doug Thorpe’s experience and insight provides us with a fully loaded toolbox of useful, practical solutions to every day management challenges. It is an uncommon book!

About the Author

I am an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor for new managers. I have a passion to guide new, first time managers; helping them find health, wealth and happiness while they master the demands of learning how to lead others. Be watchful…there are two of us who write under the name Doug Thorpe. I’m the business guy, he’s the professor.

My early years as a banker showed me a lot about many different kinds of business. Then, as an entrepreneur, I had the chance to build several companies. At the core of these ventures were the people who made things work. Leading them was my toughest challenge, but also the biggest blessing.

You are the newest addition to the long line of business leaders who have made our country great! I want to share these valuable lessons with you.

If you have questions about being a manager or feel stuck where you are, you have found the right place to get answers.

In addition to writing and speaking, Doug Thorpe provides business coaching and consulting services. His clients are companies and business leaders seeking fresh ideas for the development of new managers and high-potential leaders, C-suite one-on-one, and team development. In particular, he promotes the concept of finding a balance between work, life, and faith. His firm is called HeadwayExec, LLC.

Thorpe is active on the Internet and social media. He’d love to connect with you at HeadwayExec.com, DougThorpe.com, on Twitter @RealDougThorpe, on his HeadwayExec Facebook page, or on LinkedIn.

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