The Unshakeable Road to Love

by – Brenda Shoshanna (Author)

The Unshakeable Road to Love (Value-Centered Relationships) is based upon Eternal Principles from all world scriptures

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Book Description:

The Unshakeable Road to Love (Value Centered Relationships) is based upon Eternal Principles from all world scriptures, including Zen. These tried and true practices guide us to build a foundation in relationships where happiness and well-being are inevitable, and pain, upset and conflict can dissolve on the spot.

A radically different approach to psychology, the material offers a completely new perspective on how to experience fulfillment and what is truly needed in relationships. For example, a foundation of this practice is:

To Be Happy, You Do Not Have To Be Loved, You Have To Learn What It Means To Be Loving.
The book explores the difference between Real and Counterfeit Love, showing how all our suffering in relationships is due to being caught in the trap of Counterfeit Love. This is a Book of Practice. It is filled with Turning Points, Pillars of Love, Interventions and many enjoyable exercises which show you how to practice these principles daily, in all our relationships.

Written by a psychologist, Interfaith counselor and long term Zen practitioner, the book combines the practices and principles of both East and West including all the ways to make these teachings real in our everyday lives.

Reviews for the Book

I have loved the author's book since reading "Why Men Leave" over 20 years ago- she always provides a very thoughtful, enlightening and unique perspective on that most enigmatic of subjects - the importance of loving relationships. "The unshakeable road to love" is yet another feather in her cap. Oprah really needs to come calling :) - Barack Obeagle

About the Author: Brenda Shoshanna

Psychologist, author, speaker and long term Zen practitioner. Dr Brenda Shoshanna’s work is dedicated to integrating Eastern and Western principles and practice and showing how to make them real in your every day life. Her work opens your mind, lifts your spirit and makes everyday worthwhile.

Along with providing many cutting edge audio books, Brenda also offers two weekly podcasts, Zen Wisdom For Your Everyday Life, and Your Best Self.

She is the author of numerous books in the spirituality, zen, mindfulness, psychology and relationship genres. Some of her books include FEARLESS: 7 PRINCIPLES TO PEACE OF MIND, THE ANGER DIET: 30 DAYS TO STRESS FREE LIVING (listed as one of the best books of the year by Spirituality and Health), ZEN PLAY (INSTRUCTIONS ON BECOMING FULLY ALIVE), ZEN AND THE ART OF FALLING IN LOVE, ZEN MIRACLES, (HOW TO FIND PEACE IN AN INSANE WORLD), JUST GRAB THE DUST RAG, (CONFESSIONS OF A DELUDED ZEN STUDENT), and more.

Dr. Shoshanna’s books combine spiritual wisdom with psychological insight and practical advice. She has received wide critical-acclaim for her work with excellent reviews from publications such as Tricycle, Publishers Weekly, Body & Soul, Deepak Chopra, Spirituality and Health and others. She has won the NABE Award for the Best Book of the Year in the Category of Health. Her books have been translated into 18 languages, and she appears frequently on national television, in national print, and in major venues online. Brenda has spoken and taught at many universities and has offered over 500 talks and workshops nationally on all aspects of psychology, spirituality and living life to the full. She also hosted her own radio show on the Gary Null network, which offered her a weekly platform to address a wide range of issues dealing with spirituality and self-help.

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