The View from Here: Poetry to Help You Soar! is an anthology of contemporary poetry in the Verses at an Exhibition series. This second volume contains poetry from fourteen poets who live and work around the world. As noted in the introductory remarks to this volume, although many readers may have viewed the same landscapes or witnessed the identical activities, our own perceptions are gauged by our past experiences. We hope you will be both surprised and delighted at the perspectives presented to you in this edition of verses.

Nancy Riecken is the editor of this series. Community Writers is the “group” from which come the publication concepts. More information about us may be found at We seek to encourage creative and critical thinking through the publication of materials that will encourage readers to help their own communities and make a positive impact on the world around them. Proceeds from our publications support literacy projects in needy communities. We also assist new writers with editing, format, and publication of their work.

Many thanks to the following poets whose work is included in this volume: Madeline Coelho, Geoffrey B. Elliott, Debbie Johnson-Hill, Daniel MacFadyen, Joan McNerney, Tyra Nelson, Cherie Kabba, Nichole M. Palmer, Matthew T. Pifer, Alberto Quero, Mark A. Sautter, Maria Bernadette Allman Sunday, Lita Verella, and H. D. Whatley.