51DtJx-Ru8L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_A smart pedophile gets lucky after he rapes his five year old daughter. A cascade of circumstances results in a police sergeant, who is living with the girl’s mother, being convicted of the rape and sentenced to forty years in prison. A prime target of a violent prison gang, the gang twice nearly kills him. Given a parole with harsh conditions to save his life, he sheds self-pity when he remembers that the little girl he had come to love will suffer without him. He had been her best bet for a good future. He decides to do what he does best. He goes to work. NOTE: This is a new version of The Vindication Obsession.

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“Fine writing and plotting”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Russ Lewis

A book that’s great fun to read. Bill Hylton is a very competent writer and a creative plotter. Unfortunately, like most of his contemporaries he doesn’t know the difference between the verbs “to lie” and “to lay.” But that’s a correctable problem. I’d love to see more fiction by Bill.

About the Author

I suffered a traumatic experience while writing The Vindication Obsession that I would bet no other author has faced. It occurred during the writing of the original manuscript when someone read a page of it that I had carelessly left exposed on the top of my desk. If you think you have surmised what my experience might be after you have read the book, post a review and email me at wwhylton@sbcglobal.net and I will send you a narrative of what happened.

Writing a novel is hard work, especially when the writer does everything. All of the experts say a writer should neither do the final editing nor design the cover. Paying others to do those things is expensive, so, being a cheapskate, I did both. After reading the book in print and marking mistakes as I read five “improved” versions, the sixth came up clean (fingers crossed). My cover has never been drastically changed but I have tinkered with it several times and the present cover you see now is the result and the final tinker.

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