by M. Garnet (Author)

Sara's mind, a battlefield of government secrets and haunting nightmares.

Book Description:​

Sara thought she was either having nightmares or going insane when she began hearing a voice in the middle of the night, until she answered the questions that the voice asked of her.

Give a group of politicians and scientists and some military people too much funding and free rein and they can go crazy or make those they control crazy. The search for the perfect fighting soldier for the nation continues as volunteers are pushed past the standards of normal military basic training. What could be next? When a few soldiers train and go beyond what’s normal, they become a threat to everyone—except one woman.

This book is previously published.

About the Author

M. Garnet (Author)

Muriel G. Yantiss writes under the pen name M. Garnet. Her time owning an International Business gave her a hard view of life but her farm family in Kentucky left her with a great humor to enjoy everything, bad and good. Writing has allowed her to put all of these observations down and share with others, lacing each story with true facts. Living now in Florida with her Daughter and Son-in-law, a dog, two cats and a Quaker Parrot she still ends most letters with - life is good. She has many books published so look for her other titles.

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Your life has taken a few turns, and you know you need a change of direction, and that is exactly what Sara Donaldson thought. She sees an ad for a bookkeeper in the little town of Benson Colorado, so she packs her few possessions and leaves Florida behind. She gets settled in her new job, makes a few new acquaintances and as she lies one night on her bed watching the shadows of the nearby tree dance on her wall, she hears a man’s voice in her head: “Ouch. I hate this bunk. It’s too short.” These words plunged Sara into an adventure she never thought she would experience. Author M. Garnet has spun another intriguing story that brings elements of science fiction and romance blended to deliver a delightful story with an interesting ending. If you like those two genres, this is a book for you. I highly recommend this easy to read and absorbing story.