Willow of the Wind has everything to live for, and yet she is retreating into a shell of her own making. With each breath, Snow Eagle, her long lost love, watches her pull further away from him and the happiness they yearned for.

The chief and his warriors, with Willow’s help, have located the slave trader’s lair. Memories of being brutalized there are unbearable for Willow, but she forces herself to face the past and swallow her fears. She must rescue the woman being held hostage before she is lost to them. The war party discovers the plantation isn’t what it appears to be. They uncover a lifestyle that tempts Willow’s son, and threatens to change their tribal way of life forever.
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“Another enjoyable book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Denise Haddad

I just finished the book and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. You become so involved with the characters “lives” you don’t want the stories to end. I also love the interaction with all wonderful animals. Can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy.

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Hello, I’m Kathy Love Cowen, author of The Walking Stick Trilogy. Adventure, humor, romance, and a dash of supernatural. Give it a try! Book I & II available

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