The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World

by – Vegastarchild584 (Author)

Book 1 (The Starseed Series)

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Book Description:

Starseeds, Metaphysical Sci-Fi, Adventure, Humor, Soul Mates, M/M Romance, Drama 

“The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates 
Who Incarnate on Earth & Save the World”
Commander Zhang (ZhangZHXO511) and Lieutenant Simon (SimonGJXO1129) are two 
easygoing and fun-loving Sirian galactic officers who also happen to be soul mates assigned to 
the Mothership Athena. Galactic adventurers, the pair travel on various assignments around 
the galaxy as part of the Athena’s Science and Exploration team and manage to get themselves 
into all sorts of quirky situations and trouble. Prior to taking some much-needed time off at the 
famed Retreat and Spa in Arcturus after a particularly harrowing assignment, the duo hear 
Gaia’s (planet Earth) clarion call for help. Bogged down from thousands of years of low vibe 
human shenanigans, Gaia needs a little help ascending. Being decorated officers, the duo 
decides to provide assistance by incarnating as earth humans as part of Mission Everlight.
Coming in as modern day handsome and popular male models/actors/singers/brand
ambassadors, their mission is to reveal the very real and serious corruption within the 
performing arts industry in the world’s most populated and internet-savvy country – China. But 
what happens when only one soul mate wakes up and the other is still asleep?

This wildly entertaining ride through space and time is loosely based on the real-life drama of 
popular Chinese Actor/Singer Zhang Zhehan and his costar Actor/Model Simon Gong Jun. Chock 
full of spiritual wisdom, The Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon is a 
zany, comical, M/M, BL romance, epic sci-fi adventure, and a paen song for awakening 
starseeds to never forget their roots and the many gifts and abilities they bring to aid Gaia with 
18+ Mature Content

Reviews for the Book

This book has an amazing storyline of love and purpose., while having fun with all the multidimensional versions of the story. What a fun, interesting read!!! My favorite part is the writing style of the author she does an amazing job at describing the scenes as it allows the reader to feel and become one with the storyline. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I am most definitely looking forward to more books from this same author. Definitely one to have and read!!!   -	jgm

About the Author: Vegastarchild584

I am an attorney licensed in two states, an energy worker, a channel, a big fan and published author of BL and M/M romance (also under my other pen name A.E. Kendall) including the Clash at Sea series about pirates and nobles! I enjoy exploring spiritual stuff, meditating, meeting people, traveling and making people laugh.

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