A story of a fictional tribe with Biblical historic timelines and truths. The story of three very different women, who through their different life struggles and feelings of pain, guilt and no self-esteem lead to their sins, repentance and restoration to God. Through their journey back to God they form a sisterhood of faith and vow it never to be broken. Listen to them as they each tell their feelings and anguish of a life unfulfilled. It is also the story of a Nation. Of people who have fallen into sin. They have intermingled with the pagans-the Merin. Their religious leaders, The Past Keepers, have turned a blind eye to their behavior. Now they must ALL pay for their rebellious acts with the impending scourge promised from God. God promises ‘The One’ will be ruler and Judge over the Yandi. Just as the ‘First Ones” of Israel are getting their first Judge. With the scourge hitting the Yandi & Merin alike, a strange wind blows over the island of Ziqa. The quest for ‘The One’ begins. How will these 3 women keep the village encouraged even though they have been scorned by many? What & who will be found during this quest with an impending war between Yandi and Merin? Read, learn and listen to your heart. For we have all walked in a sinners shoes. For on the wind there is change for His purpose.
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At my Queens Service, Advocate 4 Juvenile Autism Spectrum Disorder/ADHD/Diabetes T1. Christian Fiction Author & Beauty Maven. BLOG: 

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