Two people in two prisons without bars, but captive nonetheless.
Time and circumstances had kept them apart, but now they are about to be brought together by fate.
Mara Johansen runs away from her Maryland home to search for something missing within, to search for purpose, for herself. Instead, she finds herself stranded in a winter storm in the great northwest. Sanctuary comes in the form of a wooden mansion on a distant hill, but who is the mysterious owner?
Thomas is a handsome, wealthy man who lives alone in this beautiful, colossal structure. As witty and charming as he is mysterious, Mara soon learns that he has a most sordid past. And yet, she is strangely drawn in, and what follows is a tale of romance and intrigue, a story of two souls – one on the verge of giving up and the other believing his time is over – who face danger and find love, together.
The Winter Palace is a beautiful romance, the story of a monument to the hopes and dreams of every decent man, woman, and child, a story that reminds us that we never know what may show up at our door, including true love.