The Wish,” an illustrated children’s book, is a delightful story about how we all wish and dream, and how the ordinary experiences in life cause us to become “precious.” The story revolves around an ordinary little rock, resting on a lonely mountaintop, who wishes to become a star. “Impossible,” you say? Watch what happens in this heart warming story! “The Wish” is a wonderful self esteem building story for children, that is also a delightful read aloud book. Let “The Little Rock” speak to that deep place in your heart…perhaps your wish too, will come true! Recommended for ages 3-5 to be read with their parents. Also recommended for big kids of all ages! If you liked the timeless magic in the book “The Little Prince,” you will also like “The Wish” for the same reasons. Just look at a few lines from some of the 5 star reviews: “‘The Wish’ is a gem of a children’s book that my children and I loved to the core. . .” “If you are wondering how a tiny rock can tell a story. Wait til you read the book and listen to its thoughts.” “Save it and gift this to your children and grandchildren. They will all have as much fun and learn something from it as I did.” “Teaches a wonderful message to kids not to give up on your dreams…” “Beautiful illustrations . . .”