The Wizard of Crescent Keep Volume 2 – Mission to Rhonen-Dril continues where Book One left off. Crescent and his group begin the dangerous Mission to the land of the Rhonen-Dril – the green skinned people. A land ruled by cruel Rhast Deztrok, a very wicked man. Intrigue and adventures with all the characters that delighted in Book One. Adventure, betrayals, seduction and more as the tale of The Wizard of Crescent Keep continues in Book Two.

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Great book! Interesting characters. Liked the maps and art. Fun, fantasy read! Have read the first and second book. Waiting for book three! 

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Welcome to my page. My name is Lady Saera, you can email me at
Author of the fantasy SciFi series – That takes place on the planet ‘World of Two Crescent Moons.’ Enjoy the adventures within these tales of THE WIZARD OF CRESCENT KEEP Special Edition Series BOOKS ONE THROUGH 7, and book eight, ‘Treasure of the Djinn’ soon released too. I love Gothic adventure, witchy and wizardly tales, plus mystery and scifi as in ‘The Goblin Cage, and the upcoming ‘Drumspell’ mystery.
Available on Amazon now, is the ‘Enhanced, polished Special Edition’ of The Wizard of Crescent Keep with my own Artworks, a Map of the planet of Two Crescent Moons, and a story that slowly leads you right into an exciting world. This book is rated YA to Adult. Im very excited about my first fantasy book THE WIZARD OF CRESCENT KEEP Special Edition Book One which is is available on Amazon now, revised, enhanced, magical adventures of a Wizard named Crescent Mc Thermoth, who falls through a Moons Light Portal as a young boy after a mysterious chest he purchases at a thrift and antiques store on an outing with his wonderful grandfather.

Crescent never imagined becoming a wizard let along meeting Myth Mages, Witches, Dragons, Gnomes, Demons, Pirates, Dwarvens, strong Elvan Warriors along with fierce magical challenges in a world where he finds love, seduction, betrayal, murder, amazing friends and terrible enemies as well. Complications always arise as Crescent struggles to resist his first love and ex lover a beautiful vampiress named Silwyna Ghrail who just doesn’t want to let him go and seeks to seduce and change his thinking along with his human status if she can keep him under her spell. His new love Persephone brings sizzling romance to light up his life, as he battles enemies, and all kinds of characters who challenge the wizard at the wonderful age of one hundred and forty seven years of age. He is adventurously handsome, with shoulder length soft brown hair, and green eyes that change depending on his mood as do most citizens who dwell in this strange world do.

After being appointed as the High Wizard of Tallowood, he is neither old nor young for a wizard in this land, after having falling into the Land of Two Crescent Moons at age eleven through a Moons fiery Light Portal. Getting used to the strange amazing magical and terrifying world as a boy, he meets and earns the respect of a High Sorcerer named Max who adopts him and becomes his mentor along with a bespectabled cranky Dragon Wizard named Wingbitten.

Crescent also finds he has a nice but mischevious younger brother named Rafelson, who ends up in love with the same girl as Crescent falls for which leads to bitter clashes. From Tallowood to the Elvan Empire to the Land of Rhonen-Dril where the green skinned cold-hearted people dwell, you are drawn into one adventure after another as Crescent grows up, makes friends, falls in love, suffers betrayals and unlocks the secret history of this awesome and strange world with two shimmering Crescent moons hovering above with circling coils of stars above at night. I hope you enjoy this series, because as you begin to get into it and read more and more, its a tale with twists, turns, and surprises as well as sizzling romances battles, magic both light and dark and characters you will love and hate.

Secrets Beneath the Keep Book III is 9out along with Book IV (4).

WCK Special Edition includes artworks, and Maps, with four more Volumes to come. Book II should be available soon this year 2014 – ‘Mission to Rhonen-Dril, the Green skinned mystery people the Wizard of Crescent Keep must travel to on a spy mission to oust the cruel and crafty ruler of that land – Rhast Deztrok, who soon discovers his HIgh Healer, a beauty named Misandra is going to be more trouble then he thought along with the Wizard and his group. The story is rated Young Adult (YA) to Adult.

All parts of this book were begun when I was little at about the age of 9, quite a few years ago now. My first hand written draft got lost in moving, I was then given partial pages by my mom who saved a lot of my scribblings, though now I save everything on my computer and thumb drives …all parts are originally thought up by me and only me. I love to write, and wrote as a child as many creative people do. I would like to say why I began this book, a long time ago, stopped, and started again as I overcame various obstacles life at times slowed me down, suffice to say, it’s about being positive, persevering towards your goals, and however your positive attitude defines you, and lifts you up, don’t ever let someone bring you down. You express your positive feelings, and do what you do with love, it brought me through many difficult times;)

I loved stories about witches, wizards, sorcerers, monsters, dragons as a little girl etc. and so my stories always revolved around such characters. I never thought to publish, it was always ‘just for fun’ until finally my mom encouraged me to turn my stories into published books. My first one is out, and more to come.
The Wizard has been a character in my mind for a long time inspired by someone I love. The softcover book is also available here just follow this link:
Here is book one:

A Map of the planet World of Two Crescent Moons is provided in each book.

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