YA-Adult. 6×9″ ‘A Readers Favorite Five Star***Review 2017. (also check out the color Edition, The exact wonderful story with colored icons, maps, illustrations too.) Many beautiful artworks in the softcover. ‘The Wizard of Crescent Keep by Lady Saera is an epic fantasy that will have great appeal for both young and adult readers, a well-crafted tale of a powerful sorcerer caught up in a world filled with dangerous and wicked people. Things get even more complicated when the Wizard falls in love with a vampire and becomes caught up in a worrying dilemma: “Crescent wanted the evidence, but he also wanted to see her. He needed what would be called closure, as his grandparents would have put it.” This is a great story that is wonderfully written with awesome characters.I was transported to a world like I have never read anywhere in a book and there is no doubt that the author has a great imagination. The setting is a magical world called Two Crescent Moons, a world where access is gained by falling through a Moons Light Portal. I loved the themes that are expertly woven into the fabric of the fast-paced and gripping plot, including love and friendship, adventure, romance, and the alluring power of magic. The Wizard of Crescent Keep is a story that is fast-paced, woven with a complex plot and awesome characters. Crescent and Silwyna are my favorite characters and they play great roles in the conflict that has driven the plot all along. Lady Saera is gifted with beautiful prose and character development. I enjoyed the great descriptions and the natural-sounding dialogues. This is one of those books that make readers dream at night of places they have never seen and places they’d love to go. I can’t wait to read the follow-up on this one. ***’THE WIZARD OF CRESCENT KEEP.’Special Edition YA Teen to Adult~ As a grown man Crescent is Magician, Sorcerer, and Wizard on the Magical planet of ‘Two Crescent Moons’ where he learns to cope with some very strange and amazing characters and dreaded villains. Soon, being seduced by a beautiful Vampire isn’t the Wizard’s only problem.A Magical Series of Adventure, Romance, Friendships and Sorcery.As a youth, he knows right away that turning invisible isn’t normal, but after all, on the fateful day of falling through a Moons Light Portal, nothing in his life will ever be the same again.Special First Edition enhanced with Map of the World of Two Crescent Moons and Artworks. First published 2012, When additional content of added artworks, map, bonus chapters. published 2014. A Color Edition published 2017 available and title The Wizard of Crescent Keep Color Edition Book One. Color Maps and Artworks