The Women Who Love Rome by London Tracy

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Book Description:

With the success of TV shows such as Big Love and Sister Wives, comes the outlandish comedy, The Women Who Love Rome by London Tracy. In the vein of a twenty-first century lifestyle, this comedy tells the story of four rebels, one delicious man and three unforgettable women who shake up the town of Sandcastle Beach, Illinois with their outrageous, over-the-top, flamboyant way of expressing themselves.

This unique family-of-four does everything together: They sleep in the same bed, cook together, shop together, shower together, entertain each other with their hilarious views about life and even experiment with an exotic kind of ice cream that evokes extreme euphoria. “And don’t let the cover image fool you,” says Tracy. “You won’t find much sex in this fable because it’s all about the laughs.”

Tracy admits that up until she penned this comedy, she never dreamed that she would consider sharing a man with another woman, much less two, however, now, after spending countless hours in the fictitious world of Rome, India, Storm and Thursday, she’s had a complete change of heart.
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“A comedic masterpiece that is impossible to put down.”–Jackie Henry, Beta Reader

“London Tracy has crafted a story that will make you laugh, and laugh, and laugh somemore.”–Adam Wheeler, Book Blogger

“A delicious rom-com that readers are not likely to ever forget.”–Sarah Box, Beta Reader

“A nontraditional fairy tale that will leave you cheering for more.”–New Voices Book Review

“London Tracy has proven that she can spin a romantic tale like no other.”–Sexy Book Reviews

“Momma Nicki steals the show. She will have you howling.”–Ricky Steller, Chicago Attorney

“One of the funniest stories I’ve ever read.”–Dominique Scott, Beta Reader

“Relatable, quirky, and downright funny.”–Rakes of Romance

“This is true romance and true comedy all rolled up into one big ball of fun.”–Sweet Girls Book Club
“London Tracy is the new voice of comedic romance.”–Flame Monroe, Beta Reader

“I’m infatuated with Rome Nicki. I adore his mother and I love this book.”
–Rebecca Long, Beta Reader

About the Author

My inspiration for The Women Who Love Rome stems from a titillating conversation I had with my ex-boyfriend who shall remain nameless as he is currently married. One Sunday afternoon, this nameless individual shared with me via telephone that since marrying two years prior, he many days wished that he could share his home with two women instead of one.

Not necessarily shocked by his confession as he always possessed that out-side-the-box mentality, his words did give me a fascinating idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a story about a man who shares his home and his bed with two, maybe three women? From there, The Women Who Love Rome was born. Though the story has a few hot moments, it is more funny than anything else, which was my intention.

In the coming pages is my version of what life could be like sharing a man with two other women. While writing and re-rewriting this story, I continued to ask myself: Could I actually share a man with two other women?

Here is my answer: If I met a man as handsome, as rich, as sexy, as sweet, as witty and downright irresistible and who curled my toes the way Rome Nicki did?

Absolutely! Where do I sign up?

–London Tracy

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