The Words I Should Have Said by D.E. Hancox

Cooper McCallan is your average popular jock early in life. As he matures he finds a love for writing poetry and for the girl across the street. A love he keeps hidden from everyone close to him. That is until he decides he can not hold it in any longer. He begins submitting poems anonymously to the local newspaper. To his surprise, his best friend and the secret love of his life, Ansley Montgomery, falls in love with the mysterious poet’s words. This begins Cooper’s crazy journey to help Ansley track down the poet. This leads them down an uncharted path, during which both become involved in a string of bad relationships. While struggling to find a way to tell her he is in fact the anonymous poet, Cooper fears he may risk ruining their friendship. He must decide if he should risk everything, or keep his feelings hidden and remain in the friend zone forever.
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“Thoughtful Writing!”

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About the Author

D.E. Hancox grew up in East Tennessee. As a young man he worked and traveled the country. It was not long until he found himself on the Alabama coast. He now lives there with his wife Baylen, their sons Luke and Jameson and their daughter Paisley Bryn. “Leaving Standing Still” was his debut as an author.

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