The Zealot Besotted Purpose by Eliseo Ilarraza

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Book Description:

This inspirational book was written with my eyes. I, the author was diagnosed with

a neurological disorder that affects my nervous system and muscles;

the neurolog-ical disorder is called ALS AKA Lou Gehrig Disease. I was

diagnosed the disease in November 23, 2002. I am currently paralyzed from the neck down,

and living with a trachea, but still, I have kept positive and encouraging others with my ability to write

using my eyes with a special communication devicecalled, the I-series, I -15. This book speaks about

my journey of living in Sunset Park Brooklyn community, and my experience, attending Our Lady of

the Lake University online, the Worden School ofsocial work. This book is fi lled with an abundance

of knowledge and researches, focused on helping the Hispanic Brooklyn community. There is no end

to my besotted purpose. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

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“A truly inspirational book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By goerge foreman

I would definitely recommend this book.

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