Part Two. New Edition.
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Part Two. New Edition.

Book Description:

A country lad, who suffers from Dyslexia and acute shyness, moved to the city to get work and change his lifestyle to become a womanizer. He made up an experimental chart to rate ladies sexual prowess for the twelve zodiac signs.

Byron Bending (Author)

Author has recently published the book ▸THE ZODIAC CASANOVA. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
I was born and raised on a Pacific Island called East New Britian,north of the Solomon Islands. During the 22 years I lived there, any spare time was taken up by adventures, such as-Skin Diving on sunken WW2 wrecks, climbing volcanoes, fishing, bush walking, exploring caves, collecting old WW2 ex Japanese military weapons, sailing, surfing, and raising pets.One of my favorite classes at school was Art. Some days I would do sign writing for my fathers business. In 1974 I went to Australia to live, where I studied art and design at college.I painted for years then got into screen printing and designing T-shirts. I would take my designs to some local markets to sell them for extra pocket money. I got married at 23 years of age to another Artist named Margaret Bending, who worked with me in starting a fashion/ hand-made artwork shop in Paddington, Brisbane, QLD.We started a family and had two beautiful daughters, Gemma and Sara. Sara is now a designer of buildings and Gemma is a nurse. My story writing began when we lived together in an old house at Milton, and my first illustrated book was about an old dog who lived on our street. I tried to get it published but failed. I never gave up and have published over 20 fiction/children/adventure stories. At present 2017, two of my books are being made into feature films in Australia. As they say, the rest is history.

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