ghnhHave you ever felt you’ve given so much of yourself but others take you for granted? This is natural approach to promoting self-love and healing for the selfless givers in world. This therapeutic selection encourages these nurturers who sometimes neglect their own needs for the happiness and well-being of others, to set boundaries and love themselves first, so that they may bring balance in their lives. Whether this describes you or someone you know, you will definitely be enlightened!

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” Great inspirational story”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Malinda

This was great for me, as being a breast feeder myself for years……I’ve got work to do.

About the Author

RoPerry’s favorite personal quote is, “You have one life to live, so take advantage of the gift that has been given to you; be inspired to do all that you can do.” She is not only an author, she is also a poet, singer/songwriter, and producer. She wants to use all of her divine gifts and talents to inspire others to never give up, and love themselves completely.

She has cheerfully served others the majority of her life. At the age of 18 she joined the U.S. Armed forces active duty. Three years later with an honorable discharge, she was still overseas with a her husband and a newborn. While her first-born was still an infant, she served as a U.S. government employee for the Air Force. She work in the Security Forces division and prepared the crime analysis report for all US forces in Panama at the time. She received the honor of Employee of the Quarter. During this time she simultaneously attended college and received her first degree.

When she came back to the states she remained in the criminal justice field and served the state of Texas as a juvenile corrections officer. At this time she was a single mother with two children, so to make ends meet, she also joined the Army Reserves in her hometown and worked as a home healthcare provider for the elderly. Although she is known an over-achiever, she soon realized that three jobs at once with small children was a bit too much.

RoPerry has always known the power of education and knowledge, so she decided to return to school. Since she had been serving as a juvenile corrections officer, she wanted to make a difference and find a way to prevent youth from ever going to that type of facility. This is when teaching came to mind. At the age of 26, she returned school at Texas Southern University. She started in 2002 and graduated in 2004, Magma Cumulate, from the university’s awesome School of Education. She taught in public schools in Texas and worked in schools which served students considered at-risk youth. She even went back and taught in her hometown a little while.

RoPerry actually started working as a child at the age of 14, so she had basically worked non-stop from 1990 to 2008, but she was holding a deep secret. After a major military vehicle accident in 1995, and a first marriage tainted with abuse and infidelity which ended in divorce, she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, and chronic insomnia. Many may think this is impossible for one who is so ambitious, but everyone has a breaking point.

In 2008, Houston, Texas, was hit by an awful hurricane which left many distraught, financially strained, and apprehensive about the future. RoPerry felt herself slowly fading away mentally and physically. She pondered about doing the unthinkable, just ending it all. With her strong faith within, she knew that this was wrong, but the urge to do it was still overwhelming. So she began taking more and more prescribed sleep medication.

At this time she was blessed to have her brother to encourage her daily and reminded her of how she had always overcome adversity. He noticed everything and was always verbal about it. Out of his unconditional love for her he started monitoring her use of medication. She began seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel and chose to live.

After surviving her break down in 2008, she decided to focus on her three favorite things, her faith, her writing, and her music. As a little girl, she had a gospel group with her siblings. She wrote songs and vocal arrangements for the group and sang them in various churches and events locally. She continued writing songs through the years and started getting them copyrighted.
RoPerry has always known that her divine purpose is to help heal the hurting hearts everywhere through love and inspiration. She knows that there are so many beautiful and awesome souls out there who give selflessly, love unconditionally, and take care of others. In 2013 she woke up from a dream with a simple concept to describe the selfless givers in the world who are often unappreciated and taken for granted, “The Breastfeeder Mentality.”

She was so excited about her new concept that she wrote a brief description and shared it with a few of her close friends who loved and received it very well. In addition to the description, she wrote several possible chapters and saved it in one of her email folders. It would take her two years to revisit the idea!

The year 2015, has been year of awakening for RoPerry. Not only did her oldest daughter graduate from high school in May, she celebrated her 40th birthday in June. At 40, many become aware of changes that must be made for the healthiest living. She also had a scheduled mammogram because breast cancer exists on both sides of her family.

Early July, she had her scheduled mammogram. During this time, she was going through one of her old email folders and stumbled across her 2013 notes and description of “The Breastfeeder Mentality!” This was perfect timing so the writing began to flow again. It gave her joy and fulfillment to write and encourage others.

A couple of weeks later she had a little scare. The breast cancer screening center saw some spots that they needed a second look. Although this was unsettling, she continued to write because of the joy it brought her to encourage those who are hurting. Fortunately, it was a false alarm.

RoPerry wants to inspire others to write their stories and ideas, too. If the story helps one person the purpose has been fulfilled. She also want to encourage others to love themselves and search for healing within.

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