There’s A Cry Out for Balance and Conviction by Rev Jerome Smith Sr

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Book Description:

What’s wrong with advancement thinking? Advancement thinking is a modern worldview approach that is based from evolutionary theory. What’s right about godly thinking? Godly thinking does not set the switch to false with no alternatives but instead to the truth of the supernatural-to the Creator of all things who give real hope. How do you and I keep the faith in an evolutionary age? Are you an overcomer to faith? What’s your mountain? These are all approaches that Rev. Smith encourages concerning the title of this book and maintaining good character, morals, dignity, and respect for all people knowing that some things concerning the past still means what it meant. Rev. Smith’s book title is a must-need focus in the real reality in today’s world. It is filled with spiritual and inspirational encouragement that is designed to help the healing process of those of who have overcome painful experiences and those who maybe going through some sort of trial in their life and to know that hope is always available. Rev. Smith’s book is about overcoming those mountains of trials and getting on with the joy of life again. It’s about knowing how to forgive and live with new joy. It’s about providing biblical facts and claims that hope and joy is renewable. It’s about building up good character, morals, dignity, and respect in the lives of all people. His book is about the fact that struggles in life is a real reality. It’s about the promise of restoration that is available to those who believe by faith. It’s about making a 180-degree turn headed in the right direction laying one block to perfection at a time and spiritual growth to know that it takes endurance from a higher power beyond physical limitations and to begin experiencing a peace that passes all understanding.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By MacTruck2468

Highly recommend to others!! Very powerful and inspiring

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There’s A Cry Out for Balance and Conviction by Rev Jerome Smith Sr

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