There’s a Reason For That

by – Nolan Collins (Author)

Understand why people don’t get you and you don’t get them, and find calm when the shift hits the fan, starting today. 

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Book Description:

Do you ever get so frustrated with other people not doing what you expect or hope to the point of frustration, anger, getting stressed or shutting down?

Would it be nice if you knew how to deal with these situations at work, home and with strangers so YOU don’t get upset or lose your cool? And deal with it in seconds or minutes, not days?

Have you ever muttered the words “What were you thinking?” either under your breath or in a moment of frustration out loud? Or “Why did you do that?” and been rewarded with a shrug of unknowing in response?

The people we interact with, like us, have lives and experiences we couldn’t begin to understand or comprehend in our attempt to answer those questions – questions that never seem to have a satisfactory answer.

Until now…

In a society bombarding us with endless self-help directives to do better, be nicer and be more compassionate with the people around us, it’s time to bridge the gap between being told what we should be doing, and knowing what we can actually do, today.

Nolan Collins, the creator of the solution-driven RAMP-IT framework and a lifelong trainer in several industries from hospitality to wellness to digital marketing brings you 20+ considerations that can help you understand yourself, your co-workers when you don’t see eye to eye, if you feel like you’re not being heard, or get rubbed the wrong way!

Other people’s perceptions of us, and our perceptions of them are often biased and incomplete, and opinions usually stem from a lack of awareness of the many considerations affecting ALL of us every minute of every day.

There’s A Reason For That delivers 20 honed Considerations to help you understand yourself and the people around you easier and more clearly. And for those times people suddenly change or situations shift to the unknown or unfamiliar, you’ll get on better and get more done, with less stress and frustration.

Discovering why you think, feel, speak, and act differently in many situations will empower you to be more understanding, patient, and compassionate with others AND yourself when you feel your expectations are not being met.

Inside There’s A Reason For That, you’ll learn:

And much more!

There’s A Reason For That is not your run of the mill self-help or self-awareness book. Nolan’s solution-driven behaviour thinking approach to coaching delivers situations, stories and actionable solutions for both work and personal relationships. Even when you think all hope is lost.

To understand yourself and the people you interact with daily in an easy to understand, deeper and practical level, learn an easy way to diffuse tension and stress, get along well with them and feel calm in your own mind, scroll up now and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Reviews for the Book

What a great book! It brings together age old wisdom with more recently published authors and research - all in an easily digestible format. Not only that but each learning point includes actionable steps for immediate implementation into our daily lives.
I started using a couple of the “considerations” even before I’d finished the book and they’ve made a noticeable difference to how I show up in the world. 
- Ursula

About the Author:

Nolan Collins is the owner of RAMPIT Solutions, a company dedicated to helping people, teams and companies find simpler solutions to getting along with each other, understanding themselves and having a lot less stress in life. At home and work.

Having been a trainer in some capacity for over 30 years, from restaurants to ballroom dancing, digital marketing to massage, Nolan has been a quiet observer of thousands of people and their behaviours. His goal is to help ten thousand businesses and 1 million people find simpler solutions to stressful encounters and situations.

Nolan’s first book, There’s a Reason for That will be followed up quickly with the foundation framework book RAMP-IT and the highly anticipated transformational coaching book, RAMP your FLOWS.

Nolan lives near Cambridge UK after living in the US for 25 years, with his 2 children and German Shepherd, Saxon.

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