514j+pcDJhL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_Time is running out for Emily Cross, a computer hacker with a bleeding heart. She fears being outed before she can rescue families in dire need, all with other people’s money.
Harassed by a violent ex, hounded by a relentless PI and tracked by a sleazy, sinister CEO out for his loot and bent on revenge of the worst kind, she must not allow herself to be swayed by romance. She has to keep her head at all costs.
Trouble comes in the form of mysterious, sexy Nathan Hawke, a masterful and skilled computer expert hired to track her down. The attraction between them is white hot, but Emily is on high alert as she tries to keep her identity a secret from Nathan.
But Nathan has deep secrets of his own…
Does Nathan have the power to protect Emily from the life-threatening dangers surrounding her? And can a thief and a thief catcher find a way to let the intense attraction between them blossom?

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“I was delighted to find it rather fun.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Anne

I haven’t read any of this author’s books before, so wasn’t expecting much. I was delighted to find it rather fun, and interesting enough to keep me reading past my usual bed time.
It’s always good to find another author, and I look forward to reading her next book.

About the Author

I’ve always loved reading and adventure. As a child I roughed it with my grandmother in a riverside shack, catching fish and game to survive, and reading her forbidden paperbacks by candle-light, when she slept. She gave me valuable life lessons and exciting experiences I never forgot.
As an adult I travelled extensively, working at some truly unique jobs, from stockbroking to professional psychic. During that time, bizarre, exciting and, at times, dangerous situations all added to my extensive catalog of unique experiences — all wonderful fiction fodder.
Today I focus my creative energies on writing hot, thrilling paranormal romance stories drawing on my treasure chest of unique experiences. My stories feature an unusual and electrifying combination of angels, demons, hybrids and humans all struggling to win in life or death situations, their fates often hanging in the balance.
I invite you to read my hot, thrilling, romantic stories. Kick back, relax and lose your soul, that is, yourself, in one of my sexhilarating adventures.

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