Thievery: Catholic Church Exposed

It demonstrates how Church officials failed to hold bishops and priests accountable. It conveys a sense of urgency for action to be taken by the Church hierarchy
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Book Description:

Is thievery the second big scandal of the Catholic Church? Get the facts. Priests were not the only ones engaged in deviant behavior, and sex abuse was not the Church’s only form of criminality; thousands more priests and staff members were embezzling and stealing, giving root to the thievery scandal in the Catholic Church.

THIEVERY is a documentary based upon the collection of ninety-seven (non-sex abuse) cases uncovered through a comprehensive investigation of legal cases, newspaper stories, and articles reported from 2002 to 2018. Throughout this period, sex abuse scandals dominated comment about the Catholic Church. And rightfully so. It’s estimated that priests imposed their will upon over 100,000 innocent children.

THIEVERY uses actual news stories to illustrate the types of financial mismanagement perpetrated by unethical priests and staff members. It reveals how depraved bishops covered up countless cases of theft. It demonstrates how Church officials failed to hold bishops and priests accountable. It conveys a sense of urgency for action to be taken by the Church hierarchy.

With estimates of thievery in the U.S. Catholic Church now surpassing $1.2B annually, legal costs for sexual abuse cases escalating, operational expenses growing, the number of lapsed Catholics increasing, and the percentage of contributions dwindling, THIEVERY raises the daunting question: Is the Catholic Church too big to fail?

THIEVERY: Catholic Church Exposed! is a true page-turner and bona fide eye-opener. You won’t believe what you’re reading. But sadly, it’s all true. Documented. Reported. Expertly researched and collected by Cochran. And if you thought isolated headlines don’t tell the whole story, you’re right—THIEVERY is only a sampling of what is out there. Mouth agape, I read Les Cochran’s revelations … page-after-page of unacceptable church personnel behavior, through a decade of misuse of power. And you can't help wondering if it has proliferated for centuries. Unfortunately, it is not an anomaly in our increasingly corrupt world of business and government practices. Cochran painstakingly and with journalistic accuracy, pinpointed problems that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church should have nipped in the bud a century or more ago. It is not only ongoing, but if his estimations are right, still flourishing. Seeing the criminality in one comprehensive tome is astounding. As Cochran mentions more than once, if it’s happening in the Catholic Church, it’s a sure bet THEIVERY is in all denominations that have not installed balanced business practices. Following each news report with commentary, Cochran adds perspective and raises even more questions. Make no mistake, church organizations ARE a business; and if we can’t trust our churches, who can we trust? Yes, we want to believe that everyone involved in our churches are honorable, forthright, and moral members. But human nature is not that virtuous. Read THIEVERY, then ask yourself, what do you know about YOUR church?

-- LinDee Rochelle

This book captured my interest from the very start! Power abuse has a wide reach. It coud mean sexual abuse, financial corruption or any other variety. When power relates to religious influence, it's particularly despicable. When organized religion fails to benefit the believers, and, even more, threatens to damage the members who trust their leaders, the abusers shoud always be denounced. That is why Les Cochran's effort is so important. And he does it with his interesting way of presenting the facts.

-- Aliza Fried

About the Author ▸ Les Cochran

Les Cochran served as a public educator for thirty-eight years, starting as a high school teacher in Detroit. Les is retired in the Asheville, NC area with his wife Lin, and is writing and weaving stories! His fifth book will be published in early 2018. For more information, visit