Thirteen Across

Kate Morgan’s life is derailed when Phillip Barnes makes his attacks on the nation’s capital personal.


• “A deftly and subtly crafted suspense thriller of a read by an author with a genuine flair for originality” – Midwest Book Review

• “sizzles with revelations, double crossings, and seemingly shifting alliances … A taut, exciting mystery” – Kirkus Review

THIRTEEN ACROSS: An FBI agent must decipher clues that link to seven stops across the nation’s capital and arrive at a final destination before midnight where she must atone for her past sins.
Kate Morgan’s life is derailed when Phillip Barnes makes his attacks on the nation’s capital personal. Five letters and Thirteen Across are ominous signs. When you murder a killer’s family there are consequences to those actions.

Barnes reveals an unfolding puzzle—a charted course—one that expires at midnight. Solutions and destinations expose seven stops, seven sets of clues, and secrets. To assist with the investigation, the FBI brings in real-life puzzle master, Will Shortz, to riddle out stops, while Kate works the frontlines to save victims and track down Barnes. Each stop is meant to cause pain and torment, yet reveal dangerous secrets. What Kate thinks she knows about her past is tested as is her ability to survive her trials. She must log the tours, save as many as she can, and arrive at a final destination to atone for her past sins.

Thirteen Across is an intricate thriller on a clock. Crosswords? Puzzles? Unique destinations? Covert research? It’s more than that. Thirteen Across is a puzzle in a puzzle that keeps you guessing and the story draws on seven unique landmarks in Washington, DC. How will FBI Special Agent Kate Morgan survive her trials? Read to find out.

What Others Are Saying About Thirteen Across
“part scavenger hunt, part puzzle … brilliant reading” – Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling author of the Murder, She Wrote series

“a cat-and-mouse chase with intricate puzzles … written like an action thriller movie, much like the Jason Bourne series … keep your eyes glued to the page so you don’t miss a clue!” – San Francisco Book Review, 5 Stars

“for fans of puzzle-based mysteries or thriller with twists and turns like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Kate Morgan is a character that is just as compelling as Robert Langdon” – Hollywood Book Review, Star Awarded to Books of Excellent Merit

“entertaining, intelligent, and clever” – Manhattan Book Review

“Intelligent second thriller … opens with a bang” – Publishers Weekly

“Hang on for a terrorist rollercoaster ride! … Thirteen Across reads like an action-packed spy movie … I found Thirteen Across to be unputdownable. The storyline is an original page-turner with plenty of plot twists to keep it moving” – Bookclub Reporter

“This is a fascinating book and I stayed up far too late devouring it” – Girl Who Reads

“I really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of this mystery, it was a unique way of watching the action unfold and seeing the pieces come together (pun intended) … if you like thrillers and edge-of-your-seat action, this is definitely the book for you.” – (e)Book Nerd

“Thirteen Across is a book for fans of Dan Brown and intense action thrillers.”

“Devilishly clever, and good, this is Dan Grant.” – Pacific Book Review on Dan’s thriller The Singularity Witness

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