516Kh4Dm73L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Larion Wills “Thirteen Souls” brings you a mixture of historical drama, romance, paranormal ESP and spousal abuse in a riveting read:

Though he fell hard and couldn’t keep his hands off her, Gene couldn’t believe a two-hundred-year-old ghost spoke through Heather to warn him of a danger to his life. Cynical and distrustful, it was easier to believe she was nothing than a con artist and send her on her way. His first mistake. Was the second, not believing, going to cost him his life?

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” Paranormal, romance, mystery, suspense, and thriller make this a top-rated novel.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Debra Gaynor

The DuBois family was dysfunctional. Harlan was a pompous bore and more than a bit unstable; he looked down his nose at his brother. He tried to acquire for himself who or what his brother wanted. Their mother was even worse. She hated her son Gene.
Gene DuBois had been an abused child. He still wore the scares from his father’s “discipline.” He finally managed to escape the nightmare of his early life and did not return until after the death of his father. Gene inherited 40 acres and planned to build a house on it. The land had once been a plantation called Summer Respite. Emile DuBois was cruel. He took pleasure in beating the servants and didn’t hesitate to murder. Obviously, the ability to take pleasure in hurting others was an inherited trait.
Old artifacts were found as Gene was excavating the building site. He called in an expert to appraise them. Her name was Heather. Gene was drawn to her. He soon found himself falling in love with her.
Thirteen Souls is an unforgettable novel. The plot grabbed my attention from the first page and held it until the last. The characters are multifaceted and have great depth. I had the privilege of reviewing Evil Reflections by Larion Wills; I enjoyed it very much, but this one is even better. Wills sheds light on family abuse. Her message is you do not deserve to be beaten. It is not your fault. Paranormal, romance, mystery, suspense, and thriller make this a top-rated novel. Kudos, Ms. Wills! I can hardly wait to read her next offering.

About the Author

Larriane Wills, also known as Larion Wills, escaped the big city life to retreat to rural high desert living. The desert she lives in as become the setting for many of her novels under both pen names. She began her publishing career in 2006 following her first published fantasy with science fiction. As Larion she’s moved into western historicals, suspense, and paranormal.

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