Thomas Jefferson Survives

He is forced to use deep trickery to secure his own, quite personal survival!
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Book Description:

When Thomas Jefferson went into his self-induced hibernation on July 4, 1826, he hoped to see the far-future result of the American Experiment he had helped to start.

After he awakens in our time, he is horrified to discover that an ancient cult of criminals, having schemed for centuries behind the scenes, is now poised to enslave America and the world.

But before Jefferson and the patriots who rally to him can cast down the enemies of humanity a second and final time, he is forced to use deep trickery to secure his own, quite personal survival!

Thomas Jefferson Survives by C. J. Hayek pulled me in from the very first page! I enjoy historical fiction, and this novel offers an alternative historical account that is filled with intrigue, suspense, and a twist of sci-fi – making it one of the best books I have read all year. The reader is immediately introduced to Thomas Jefferson, who is close to death. It is July 4, 1826, and his friend John Adams is also near death. Jefferson has a mysterious plan in place, as he will be consuming a mushroom-derived substance to “sleep” two hundred years so that he may wake up in the future. He hopes to see how the “experiment” of the democratic United States of America evolved. He shared his plan with Adams, but because of the slow modes of communication during that time period he isn’t even sure if Adams is still alive. Along with the help of his trusted staff, Jefferson enters an underground chamber built on the grounds of Monticello. Time passes (about 200 years!) and Jefferson awakens, only to be met by a crowd of people waiting to tour his home. Jefferson makes his way to the Jefferson Trust building, where he utters a secret phrase to the current President of the trust. Jefferson then becomes involved in efforts to save America (and himself) from a criminal plot to enslave citizens. Jefferson is shocked to find there is a plan in place to use physical and mental control via technology so that a few elites rule the global population. The plot focuses on Jefferson and his direct descendant, Thomas Jefferson Jones (“Tom Jones”), as they interact with a cast of interesting characters in their attempt to save the United States. I was highly amused by Jefferson’s analyses and running commentary on the state of the world and the people he interacted with throughout this story. This author presents a well-developed storyline with interesting, well-thought-out characters. The story is fast-paced and I appreciated the author’s descriptions and sometimes lengthy explanations – making the action-packed story almost believable! I definitely recommend this enjoyable, often-humorous, and entertaining book. I read it in one sitting, as I simply could not put it down until the very last page.

-- Angie

C. J. Hayek (Author)

He is forced to use deep trickery to secure his own, quite personal survival!

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