51xncdmek8L._SY438_BO1,204,203,200_After leaving a successful career as a young RAF Officer, Thrax Forder uses his family’s massive wealth to buy his way into the fledgling space tourism industry. Thrax soon realises that designing and building his own spaceship was the easy part; dealing with the international politics in relation to exploring the moon is much more complex. Thrax is generally more concerned with his love life and expanding his business interests. However, some people want him to play a more active role on the moon, whilst others want him out of the way permanently and everyone suspects that he knows a lot more than he admits to about the plots and ambitions of nations and terrorists alike.

Thrax soon finds himself out of his depth, with his life in constant jeopardy and his friends being threatened and killed. There is danger everywhere he turns. Thrax desperately tries to determine who his enemies are and decides not to trust anyone. Eventually, Thrax has no choice but to take the law into his own hands in a desperate bid to resolve the situation and protect the woman he loves.

Part cyber-thriller, part action adventure, part murder mystery and part romantic comedy; this book will appeal to all readers.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Yvonne Ayres

GREAT! Good plot, good character building and excellent knowledge of space craft and technology. Creates tension and keeps you reading and guessing with the story arcs/twists.

About the Author

Jolyon Folkett was born in 1971 and grew up in Derbyshire next to a farm with his mother and step family. He has used a wheelchair to get around since February 1984 when he suffered with a blood clot on his spine and lost the use of his legs within 24 hours.

Since leaving school at 16, Jolyon has been a YTS Trainee, a Mormon Missionary, a Will Consultant, Entrepreneur and has sold various useless and overpriced products and services over the phone and door to door. Jolyon likes to try new things and has enjoyed athletics (discuss and track), wheelchair basketball, shooting and archery, as well as more extreme sports such as abseiling and canoeing. In 1995 Jolyon won an RAF Douglas Bader Flying Scholarship for the Disabled and spent six weeks in Atlanta, Georgia, where he learned how to fly aeroplanes. He had a small cockpit fire to deal with on his first solo flight, and earned the nickname ‘Smoking’ Joe Folkett.

By this time, Jolyon’s career as a Health and Safety Officer was also taking off and he worked hard to get the necessary experience and qualifications to become a Chartered Health and Safety Professional. Jolyon has since gained a Masters Degree in European Health, Safety and Environmental Law. However, his real passion is writing and he loves to invent his own imaginary characters and scenarios. Being able to put all these stories down on paper and sharing them with the world make it much more fulfilling.

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