41EHD4GmMjL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Author Steven Smith presents a candid picture of life as a race that sometimes leaves us tired and weary. But we do have the option of running a different race, a race that is not about beating the competition or finishing first. It’s about making sure we are heading in the right direction. The book gives hope that we don’t have to get swallowed up in the mad dash that leads to nowhere. By developing a relationship with God, we can embark on the journey of a lifetime, one that is both satisfying and challenging. We are reminded of the timeless truth that a race that is never begun can never be finished. And a race that is never finished can never be won.

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About the Author

Steven B.B. Smith enjoys using words in creative ways to point people to the Ultimate Author and Creator of the universe. He is an award-winning columnist, former journalist, current blogger and now published author. His first book, “Through the Gate and Running Straight”, invites readers to reflect on “the race of life,” and to remind them that ultimate victory doesn’t belong to those who finish first, but to those who finish well. Smith’s stated purpose in writing is to nudge people closer to the only original Author and that Book of His which remains the best seller of all time

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