There was no way Izabella dos Santos was letting him in again. He’d been flitting in and out of her life since she was a teenager but when pitcher Reid “Crackerjacks” Jackson is traded to his home team she’s hard pressed to keep her promise. She was once again the prey. When Jacks asks her for a night out with his charming self, he’s thrown for a curve when she turns him down. He can’t believe it. Okay, he might be a tad commitment phobic but a night in heaven is not something to scoff at. When a crisis looms, Izabella is no longer willing to play his silly childish games and is surprised when he steps to the plate, taking on more than she’d thought possible. She has to remember he can only do temporary. Even as he hands over his home and his time, she isn’t sure he can hand her his heart. The problem is, neither is he.
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“Summer Read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By B.Monteiro

Loved the plot, the characters and the development of the story. Good read!

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