sdfsgThrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker is an explosive, no-holds-barred, whistle-blower guaranteed to blow your mind! This is the stuff that doctors, lawyers, and government bureaucrats don’t want you to know about; the all-too-common, irresponsible bungling that allows them to get over on YOU, the everyday American in pursuit of the American Dream.

Thrown is as much a triumph over tragedy story as it is a survival guide for the downtrodden worker who is not only kicked in the teeth by the employer to whom he dedicates his life, but more shockingly, by those to whom he turns for help. The reader shares an emotional and astounding two decade long workplace nightmare odyessy wherein she began, a twenty-something brimming with enthusiasm, who quickly finds herself face to face with unimaginable evil; her coveted career morphing into a harrowing fight for her life. This is a case of workplace harassment for the record books; a lesson for every American who, like the author once did, believes that there is a legitimate system in place to protect the diligent, hard-working American from undue & unjust harm. Her message is clear as her story unfolds: there isn’t! We are as vulnerable as newborn babies & there is little we can do about it lest we are well-informed.

Thrown is gender neutral and appeals to all ages from mature teen on up. It is highly recommended for college-aged young adults and those preparing to enter the workforce.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Dennis Peters

Thrown Under the Bus consumed me. On one hand,it took me down into a world I can still remember outside of the novel because I lived through those times as well, and left me nostalgic and emotionally exhausted. On the other hand, it filled me with rage because of what the author had to endure in this crazy corporate world of injustice. This is a seriously talented author and I am a big fan! Extremely well written. Can’t wait for the next novel!!

About the Author

Author Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from St. John’s University and an Executive Master of Public Administration from Bernard Baruch, CUNY.

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