A horrific murder has taken place in Southern California. Emily Waters, a local teacher, has been bound in duct tape–leaving only her eyes exposed–and crushed to death under the wheels of a semi-trailer heading down the Eureka freeway. Who could have done this?

The San Francisco field office of the FBI sends two of their agents to investigate further. Special Agent John Salton is just as good at hiding dark secrets as he is at making himself appear as an ordinary, everyday person. He and his partner, Special Agent Ruby Tam set to explore the dark secrets of a town driven by sex and alcohol even as Ruby grows increasingly uncomfortable with her partner pushing his outlandish agenda that may see both of them dismissed…or killed.

However, when Salton’s eight year old autistic son is transferred to an experimental facility situated not too far from the scene of the latest bizarre murder, Ruby starts to wonder just how deep actually is the rabbit hole of her partner’s life? Suddenly the question as to who murdered Emily Waters becomes just as important as why won’t Salton visit his institutionalized son.
This futuristic crime suspense story will take you on a thrilling and exciting journey of the rapidly encroaching and not-so-far-fetched future.
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“The Wrong Road of Science”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nancy L. Silk

Emily (Milly) Waters’ body is run over by 24 truck tires. Her body has been wrapped entirely in duck tape, except over her eyes. FBI Special Agent John Salton and partner, Agent Ruby Tam, start their investigation in San Francisco reviewing open serial cases. You may feel this is a futuristic, suspenseful story as it takes you on a rapid and thrilling journey into an advanced scientific facility where Salton’s son is being treated for autism. Also, the modern facility has developed new techniques of fetus development, retained in the Cold Nursery. A very well developed novel which may be a clue to our future.

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