The roof of the world: Think about it- isn’t it important at least once in your life to see the world’s closest point to the heavens? To witness the galaxy above you through the thinnest of atmospheric layers and have it revealed to you. To confront the majesty of the world’s tallest peak at base camp- a place that sits as fundament within history. Once you have experienced this you are changed forever. When one first lands in Tibet; this is the commencement of the transformation:

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I am just a baby boy, 18 months old. My name is Joshua and I love to make fun of everything exxept things that i can’t make fun of, such as things my parents and others do against my wish. As for my understanding things that are performing against my wish- they need to be addressed and taken immidiete action against in the form of crying screaming and kicking. I do whetever it takes to make things happenen my way and I believe I know what I am talking about.

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