Amira, a devote Muslim senses that something is amidst. She is not sure why her beloved father and protector is so hell bent on creating and forming an alliance with the Westerners. But she is going to stand by her father and do as she is told as any good Muslim girl is supposed to. One faithful meeting takes her beloved father away from her forever. Now being raised by her Aunt and Uncle, she never forgets the pain it inflicted. And she vows to get revenge.
Studying for years and learning about the family that inflicted this pain on her. She finds her opening, and packs up and leaves her homeland and heads off to England. Using her feminine wilds, she hooks and lands her target with very little work. Now a part of the part, she grooms her husband to be the man that America wants to be their next Commander and Chief.
Securing that spot for him, it is now time to enact her original plan. Attacks begin the day after her Husband is sworn in, and confusion sets in as to where and who is behind these unprovoked attacks. Attacks begin to break out in all 50 states, with no provocation or reason. As the new Commander he has to get to the bottom and find out where they are coming from, before he loses more citizens.
Evangeline knows all too well and who is behind them. She sits back smugly thinking that her plans are working just fine. That is, until an unlikely adversary comes across something that may expose her.
Will Amira finish her plans to blow the White House up from the inside out? Or will she be caught and brought to Justice in time?
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About the Author

KD Cox has always had a love for storytelling. She is an activist that believes that all humans are created equal and deserve a voice. She is a mother, wife, and Culinarian. She decided to throw her hat in the ring and Came up with a powerful story that makes people think about what Social Injustices can do to a mild mannered person.

Her first story is a gripping tale that will pull at your heartstrings, but also make you think and feel. It is an emotional rollercoaster!

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