Timaeus the Tracker by LARRY WINEBRENNER

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When the most famous private investigator in the Roman Empire was asked by the acting governor of Judea to accomplish an assignment, the Tracker—as all such private investigators of the time were called—liked neither the assignment nor the man who made it.

For one thing, the poor shepherdess who saved his life and nursed him back to health, awaited him. Although he was immensely wealthy and his background that of the highest social class, he was going to ask her to marry him. Would she accept? She hated wealthy people. She just didn’t know he was wealthy.

But this assignment stood in the way. It didn’t help that the Zealot rebels thought he was working for Rome to defeat them. They wanted him dead. He believed that completion of the assignment would also mean death, so that the matter would remain secret.

The book weaves through the Roman machinations with the help both of the provinces most beautiful and popular prostitute, and of the Zealots who want him dead, and some biblical figures familiar to biblical scholars.

Though the story is set in the city that became Jesus’s home after leaving Nazareth, it takes place before his move to that city and he does not appear in the novel.

The novel is an action-filled adventure and romance.
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“Getting Down Deep and Dirty in the Roman Empire’s Judea”

Five Star Review on Amazon by marunger

Timaeus is a delightful tour de force. The action, mystery, and twists kept me turning pages until the end. The descriptions of ancient Judea with its clash of cultures and danger literally put me in the scenes. I liked the fully developed hero with his secrets, passions, and weaknesses. His love interest and the prostitute Elizabeth are equally strong in different ways, equally dangerous, and equally engaging. Bravo, Larry!

About the Author

Larry Winebrenner was born on Parris Island Marine base, son of Lawrence Murray Winebrenner, Sr. Therefore he is a “Jr.” but have you ever tried writing a thirty-five letter into a form? Thus, Larry Winebrenner. No problemo. His grandfather carried the name “Larry Winebrenner.” His Great-great-grandfather the name “Larry Logsdon.” No telling how far back “Larry” went. So Larry is fine.

Not to neglect the matri-lineal side, his mother was Mary Marguerite “Margie” Martin. How’s that for a bunch of m’s?

Wife: nee Joyce Opal Embry, and a bunch of kids–Ceal, Murray, Charles, Paul, and Karen—round out the family. Except for the “‘Lebenty dozen’ grandbabies, most old enough to object being called babies. One is thrice a mother!

Larry served in the U. S. Navy, is an ordained United Methodist clergy, and is professor emeritus at the nation’s largest college–Miami-Dade College–where he taught for thirty-three years. The question has always been, “Did he have thirty-three years experience or one year’s experience thirty-three times?”

While teaching he wrote several scripts for audio-visual programs for the college, for HEW, and for local businesses. He wrote an internationally used textbook on poverty, and co-authored a textbook for general social science.

His hobbies are reading, writing, genealogy, cooking, public speaking, oral story-telling, fishing, travel, bible study, watching football, computers, eating, and amateur brain surgery when he can find volunteers. He used to like playing marbles and outdoor camping. He took his family on a canoe trip in Canada–camping and fishing for a week. For several years he’s attempted to get them to make another trip. Just because they found a canteen crushed by a bear bite, they won’t go again.

He has written murder mysteries, prehistoric adventures, a suspense/mystery novel set in the Holy Land during the time of the Roman empire, a contemporary suspense novel, a scifi novel, and is currently working on a biography, a religious novel, two follow-up novels on books already written, and a couple of autobiographical sketches. His latest novel now on sale in time for Christmas gifts as well as personal enjoyment is To Steal an Election—an action-packed conspiracy tale. Also available for the holidays is a cozy mystery: THE CASE OF THE LOCKED DRAWER.

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