Rushing to work in New York in the winter of 2016, Melanie Swift is hit by a truck on the icy city street. Drifting in and out of consciousness, she “wakes up” on a freezing bench in Boston, shocked to find that, not only is she in a different city, but that it’s the year 1886. There, she meets a young doctor who falls in love with her and takes her to live in his home with him and his sisters. Confused and homesick, Melanie tries to adjust, but she can’t give up hope that she’ll somehow be reunited with the man she loves in own time. But what if she’s forced to live out her life in the past? Should she give in and learn to love the man who so clearly loves her, or continue to pine for a man who won’t even be born for another hundred years? And, most importantly, how can she be sure that her actions in the past won’t change the future in some terrible way?
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“Fast Paced Romantic Romp”

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Time Out
I’ve been a fan of Rebecca Marks after reading her murder mysteries featuring Dana Cohen, a hard drinking New York City detective with a philandering husband. However, in a complete 180, Marks departs from murder and tackles time travel in her latest book, Time Out. Fellow skeptics ⸺just suspend disbelief and go with the premise. Trust me. It’s a fun book.
Melanie Swift, a successful New York City businesswoman, is hit by a truck as she runs for a bus on the morning of an important meeting. She is put into a coma in a modern hospital, but awakens, somehow, on an icy street in 1876 Boston. There she is rescued by a Good Samaritan, a caring doctor who falls in love with her almost at first sight. He rescues her from an icy street, arranges for a horse drawn ambulance to bring her to a hospital, and eventually welcomes her into the home he shares with his sisters. Fans of historical fiction, here is a charming journey to the nineteenth century, Melanie’s modern expectations about gender, race, and sex are naturally different from those of her nineteenth century suitor, often in a very humorous way. The couple’s efforts to make romance work despite their differences make for a fast-paced, sexy tale filled with carefully researched historical detail. This is a romantic romp with a difference. As you hope for the happy-ever-after you will learn about nineteenth century clothing, décor, politics and art, and the lessons are painless, thanks to Mark’s ability to tell a story. I recommend Time Out to all who enjoy time travel, historical fiction, racy romance, and a good read.

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