TimeShift by Kris Trudeau

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TimeShift is a gripping journey of suspense, drama and sci-fi action spanning 900 years in 185 days. Four interconnected story lines turn up the heat in this futuristic techno-thriller.

Owen Taylor has no idea why a government organization from the future needs his expertise to save the city–his city–from the clutches of experimental, free-thinking and power-hungry robots. Little does he know that his knowledge, although eighty years out of date, may hold the key.

In 2097, the missing link to Artificial Intelligence is uncovered when conventional robots are programmed with human personalities, giving them the desire to “be.” While these free-thinking robots struggle to understand their own existence, they discover a dislike for human inefficiencies and materialism. Quietly, they strive to free their race from human constraints and their population explosion goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

Tricity is on the brink of falling into the robots’ clutches and the only solution whereby control of the city can be seized from the metallic malcontents is so unconventional that the odds of success are virtually nonexistent. During this 185-day mission, teams must alter elements of the past to save the future. If they are successful, time will “shift” and rewrite the future without the robots’ destruction.

Owen has no idea how he can help these teams save his city from the rogue, experimental robots, eighty years before the conflict even erupts. Although he is the key to saving the future in 2097, Owen may not be alive long enough to help. Caught up in a whirlwind of time travel, futuristic technologies and mysterious accidents, Owen’s life may never return to normal.

TimeShift unravels the complex relationships and unique challenges faced by each team member during this seemingly impossible endeavour. Each person has the potential to shift time in a way that could drastically alter or undo key events and de-create people throughout history, changing the world for better…or for worse.
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“Awesome read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rodd

Great read with awesome characters build-up. Love how much detail was put in by the author I felt like I was right there living the situations that the characters went through. Such a fun thrilling read I couldn’t put it down.

About the Author

Kris Trudeau lives in the Comox Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The completion of her debut novel, TimeShift, marks the end of a six-year journey that began in Winnipeg, Manitoba from where she originally hails.

Owner of a website development and graphic design firm, Kris spends her days helping organizations in the Comox Valley as well as across Canada grow their business. Writing became a passion for Kris in the last decade both in business and for leisure. For fiction, she finds the creative process to be a fascinating, magical experience and is looking forward to exploring several ideas for future stories.

In her spare time, Kris enjoys the company of family and friends. She is a firm believer in giving back to one’s community and donates time to local non-profit organizations. Athletic by nature, she participates in a variety of sports and enjoys exploring the natural paradise of Vancouver Island.

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