51fmVJAFL5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Mackenzie knew the power grid was going down. She was warned. So she spent years coming up with a way to survive and protect her daughter at the same time. When major cities start going dark, and supply lines to millions of people are cut, Mackenzie is suddenly faced with an entire litany of situations she wasn’t expecting, and isn’t prepared for.

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“Tipping Over into Terror”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kindle Customer

Mac, the viewpoint character in Tipping Point, is a fascinating and empowered woman and I fell in love almost from the first page reading this story from what I presume is first time author Rain Strickland. I say presume be cause she writes like she’s been doing this professionally for years. The story is tense and filled with a sense of waiting danger almost from the beginning, but the author didn’t feel the need to rush the action, and for this I commend her. I also enjoyed the supporting characters and felt the extra time before the SHTF allowed readers to get to know them better. On the technical side, the editing is professional and the writing style is crisp and to the point. Overall, a satisfying, and terrifying, book, and I am eager to see what this author will bring us next. On bit of warning, though. The adult relationship between Mac and Neil as described made me blush at times, but that is probably just me. Oh, and the ferrets made my ankles itch. Read it and see what I mean.

My disclaimer-I am a fan of this genre as well as an author and I bought the book after reading the teaser on Amazon. I don’t know this author and thought the premise sounded interesting. Wow. Glad I took the time to go looking for something new to read.

About the Author

Rain Stickland, though raised on a farm, has been writing since the age of twelve when the fever took hold and never truly dissipated. Despite two decades of interest in off-grid living, she was only recently introduced to the vast world of preppers. Her interest kicked up a few notches, however, during the Northeast Blackout in 2003, when the world went dark for millions of people, some for weeks.

Called the Canadian Tornado by friends, she’s written and published nearly 400 articles on a wide variety of topics, including everything from stem cell transplants to the care and feeding of cats, dogs, and ferrets. She lives with her daughter in Ontario, Canada. You can find out more at www.rainstickland.com.

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