To Guide Her Home

This is a wonderful book with the time travel aspect of being able to come and go between centuries.
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Book Description:

In the late nineteenth century Lydia Prescott has no ambition to settle down to marriage until she has travelled and seen the world. But her life and emotions are shaken up when she meets Doctor Russell Brooks. Unknown to Lydia, Russ is actually an electronics engineer and living in 1998. They are linked by Lydia’s home, Prescott Grange on the outskirts of Worcester. In Russ’s time, this has been converted into stylish apartments and he has discovered a winding staircase that leads him into the Victorian era.

Russ finds he’s attracted to the beautiful fair-haired young woman; a woman very different from those he knows in the twentieth century. But is their love possible when it spans over one hundred years? Russ endeavours to turn himself into a nineteenth century gentleman hoping to win Lydia’s heart by playing to her rules. A rival in the person of Doctor Aiden Kinkard spoils his endeavours since Kinkard is determined that Lydia will become his wife.

Russ hopes that one day he will persuade Lydia to live with him in his time, but this has terrible consequences for Lydia and will put her life in danger. As Russ learns more about Doctor Kinkard and begins to question the man’s motives and identity, he comes to realise he has met pure evil.

NB: This story contains scenes that some readers might find distressing for a time travel romance. Be advised if you’re of a sensitive nature.
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This is so one of the better books I've read in a long time, it'd be great to see it as a film. I'm not particularly a fan of historical books but there was more than enough story going on in this to make it interesting and intriguing, flipping between the years and the characters. As for the time travel, have you ever wondered about your home town or your home's occupants 100 years or so in the future or past?

-- G.A

Russell Brooks is an engineer living in Prescott Grange in 21st century. He just moved in and one night he hears music playing and decides to investigate. The old manor house has been converted into multiple apartments with his being the only one with an outside entrance on the back. When he follows the sound of the music, he discovers some stone stairs leading up to one of the upper apartments. But, when he goes up the stairs he enters the manor house as it was back in the late 19th century, 1888 to be exact. He walks into the servants quarters and sees life as it was back then. He is so startled that he quickly returns down the stairs only to be intrigued later to find out more. He again climbs the stone staircase but finds only a stone wall so he goes back to his apartment. A few days later he tries again and this time the 'wall' is open and he again enters the house of the Prescott family. He meets Lydia Prescott, the 19 year old younger daughter, of the family. This is a wonderful book with the time travel aspect of being able to come and go between centuries. There is much mystery, a doctor who wants to marry Lydia, but she has fallen for Russell Brooks. It is a short novel but well worth the read. I will be reading more of Julia Bell's books. This one is pleasantly surprising with much character building and much anxiety. The reader knows it must end well BUT can't be sure of that.

-- Linda

About the Author ▸ Julia Bell

Biography Julia Bell lives in West Yorkshire, England and has two children and five grandchildren. She qualified as a nurse, training at St James’s Hospital in Leeds, but has been in various other employments including six years working for the Prison Service. When her children were young she successfully completed an Open University degree studying psychology and sociology. She was a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association for four years and is now a member of ALLi (the Alliance for Independent Authors). She has also signed the Authors’ Ethical Code, which means she will always respect her readers and their opinions. As well as writing she loves country walks and travelling abroad (she adores bus stations, railways stations, airports and ferry ports – any place where people are on the move). Julia Bell is the author of several historical romances and one modern romance. You can contact Julia by emailing
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