Caitlyn Haewood is a master pickpocket who has not escaped the interest of a clandestine organization who want her skills. They succeed in kidnapping her and convincing her to complete an operation to prove her worth in exchange for her life. If she does not succeed, she would be terminated by the man she is falling in love with. If she succeeds, her life would never be the same.

There is more to her skill than simply thieving, and she is about to find out that the organization is not what it seems.

But then again, neither is she.
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A great beginning”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Critical Eye

A great beginning to an intriguing concept. Part spy novel, part science fiction thriller, it begins with action and does not let up during the whole trip. I’m curious to see where it goes from here.

About the Author

I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey into a family that both encouraged my creativity and gave me the opportunities to express myself in different genres. While I’ve always considered myself a poet and an essayist, I flirted with short stories and novellas, touching upon the intricacies of relationships and fantasy.

When I wrote my trilogy, it was with the intention of bringing to life characters that had lived in my mind for far too long. They demanded to break out of there and become real to you and other readers who would give them a chance to live.

I live in Connecticut with my wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and my Chihuahua.

I would love to hear from you at

NOTE: The author photo is the original artwork of Gemma Magno (

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