“It was a suicide mission. Sending two men deep into the heart of Nazi Germany with orders to assassinate Hitler and end the war for good. Would they be able to evade capture? Would they be able to get close enough to the most closely-guarded man in the world? And, when the time came, would they be able to pull the trigger.

Based on a real file prepared by the British Special Operations Executive, this novel imagines what might have happened if the British government had decided to put the plan into effect; had they dared to go one better than the earlier assassination of Reinhard Heydrich and kill the Führer himself.”
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Couldn’t put it down!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Laura Barratt

I’ve already read the book and lent it to my dad for his holiday. He was raving about it when he came back so I thought I’d share on here – he’s got no idea how to leave a review! He enjoyed the plot, the characters and the writing style, an all round thoroughly good read.

About the Author

I have always loved all things historical, from school right through university where I studied Anglo-Saxon History. Now, in my “mid” forties, I have finally realised my dream of publishing my first historical novel (To the Devil His Due) based on the British plan, devised by the Special Operations Executive, to assassinate Hitler: a plan that was, of course, never put into action.

I am now starting my second novel which draws on my University studies, being based on a young Saxon warrior at the time of the Battle of Hastings.

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