51cGu+CEIKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_One action can change history in Paul Bernardi’s suspenseful debut novel, To the Devil His Due.

When Germany invades the Netherlands during World War II, Peter Bogarde loses both of his parents to the cruelty of the Nazis. Already stricken by this devastating blow, his world comes completely undone when he learns that his sister, a nurse working at a London hospital, has also died during a bombing raid.

With nothing left to lose, Peter enlists in the British Army, where his abilities and passion enable him to join the Commandos. Eventually he comes to the attention of the Special Operations Executive who select Peter, along with a Czech soldier named Jan Kubcek, to undergo specialised training in order to carry out a top secret order: the assassination of Hitler himself.

The plan is simple—Peter and Jan will parachute into Germany near Hitler’s beloved Berghof estate and, from there, end his life…and the war.

The gravity of the men’s mission weighs heavily on them—especially Peter. Haunted by memories of his deceased family, his desire for revenge burns ever more brightly the closer he comes to assassinating the man he holds responsible.

Can Peter and Jan successfully complete their mission—or even get out of Germany alive?

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“A must buy book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mike Pickstock

What a fantastic read, from the very start i couldn’t put this book down! I highly recommend this book and look forward to seeing more from this up and coming author. Outstanding!!

About the Author

I have always loved all things historical, from school right through university where I studied Anglo-Saxon History. Now, in my “mid” forties, I have finally realised my dream of publishing my first historical novel (To the Devil His Due) based on the British plan, devised by the Special Operations Executive, to assassinate Hitler: a plan that was, of course, never put into action.

I am now starting my second novel which draws on my University studies, being based on Edwin, the seventh century King of Northumbria.

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