Toby Tails is about Debra’s life experiences and how Yahuah (God), after thirty seven years, answered her prayer of owning her own horse. In doing so she would learn more about Him and herself than she ever thought possible. Filled with Scriptures this book is written to open spiritual eyes and reveal to believers, the Word, in a new way through her unique opportunity as a horse trainer! Toby Tails is for anyone wanting a closer walk with Yahuah through His Son and the uncompromising wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit and His Word from Genesis to Revelation.
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About the Author

Debra was born in England and raised in Texas. She is the author of What is Truth? A Believer’s Search for Truth in an Age Filled with Lies! (2005). A former zookeeper, marine aquarist, civil servant and Bible teacher – Debra now resides with her husband Daniel, Australian Shepherd dog Havvah, horse Toby, dairy cow Jubilee, rooster Solomon
and his hens on their small hobby farm called T.O.B.Y. Ranch in the Ozarks of Missouri.
Debra also owns and operates T.O.B.Y. Treasures which is an online clothing store featuring Biblical-type tunics, head covers and prayer shawls for worship.

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