comeeFor 19-year-old Emma – who went to bed one summer night, happy and healthy, but then died in her sleep … on the threshold of her dreams – the book Tomorrow Comes answers the question, “What happens when you die?

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This book … connects to everything people are interested in right now from Facebook to Vampire Diaries to Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games. An absolute must read.
—Amy Billone, English Professor & Goodreads Author

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Teen ‘comes of age’ after death …

Emma opened her eyes.
She was surrounded by a blaze of color, and she was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace …

It’s never easy being a teenager but, when popular and precocious 19-year old Emma awakens to find that everything she knows is somehow different, a whole new set of challenges arises. Finding herself disconnected from the ones she loves, Emma must quickly learn to bridge the gap or lose touch with them forever.

Based on a true story of love and family, grief and joy, Tomorrow Comes is inspired by the sudden and unexpected death of author Donna Mebane’s own daughter. Donna breathes vitality and warmth into Emma’s character, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Emma as she learns to navigate her new world with courage, humor, and an indomitable spirit.

Tomorrow Comes is a daring coming-of-age book in which an ordinary teenager must come to terms with her own mortality, the loss of all she once knew, and an other-worldly set of rules. The results are dark and uplifting, heart-breaking and humorous.

For the young adult audience …
a great alternative to the scores of vampire novels in which no one ever dies.
—U.S. Review of Books

Tomorrow Comes is available in PRINT and KINDLE formats. Order your copy and see why San Francisco Book Review said that “with its honesty, beauty, and hopeful outlook, Tomorrow Comes … will resonate with anyone who has ever lost a close friend or family member.”

An emotional novel about grief and the enduring power of love after death …
—Kirkus Reviews

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